Retail Therapy

This week I was having some battery issues with my iPhone, and ended up at the apple store at the Mall twice! in two days! I was not a happy camper. Ultimately, the second time they figured out what the issue was and I once again have normal battery life on my phone. To make a long story short……

The second night at the mall, I arrived about 15 minutes before my appointment so I decided to take a walk around Pottery Barn which is right across the way from the apple store. I love Pottery Barn, but most of it the items are just a bit outside my budget. We did get a lot of Pottery Barn items for our wedding and I keep my eyes open for a good sale always hoping there will be an awesome deal somewhere within those country chic walls.

This day however, I was extremely pissed at Apple and I needed a bit of Retail Therapy. I found it in the form of the cutest little vase in the world for a whopping $5.95!!!! It had been marked down about 5 times, and they had 3 of them left- I almost bought all 3, but reluctantly stopped myself.

The vase stands about 5″ tall and only 4″ around at it’s widest point. It has the sweetest little painting on it of a deer and some flowers. It will be the perfect vase to move around the house and put in new spring buds as I cut them from the yard. Here is another side, this is the backside of the deer:

And another side with Flowers:

I’m sure that this vase will move around the house to many locations, but right now, it fit in perfectly with the current Decor on my dining table.

I think its a Very Spring-y look. The collection is: A straw placemat, A Tiffany Vase ( wedding gift) filled with Forsythia branches cut from my front yard, 2 Mercury glass candlesticks ( both Christmas gifts- one from Pottery Barn, one from Home Goods- and  no one can tell the difference!) topped with spring green candles.  There is also a the most fabulous silver swan salt dish with a little spoon that I recently received from my grandmother when she was “Getting rid” of stuff she doesn’t use ( On that same day, she also gave me about 20 other Salt/pepper items, and enough napkins and tablecloths to last a lifetime). Here it is:

Has anyone else recently had some Retail Therapy that was so inexpensive it just made the therapy that much better!??

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