Light of my life.

Since our King Size Bed will be placed on a wall that is only 100″ long, we will not have room for “nightstands”, which means no bedside lamps.  But we do need light next to our bed, and although we will be adding some recessed can lights to the room, I like to have ambient and reading light as well. J is also building 2 drawer boxes into the wall so we will each have a 8″x8″ tabletop and drawer next to the bed, enough room for the essentials: iPhone, chapstick and a water bottle.

We went back and forth on what kind of lighting we wanted for weeks! Now, I work at a Decorating Company and have access to thousands of designer light fixtures at wholesale cost…..but my budget was still less than even wholesale prices could get me. I most often find that I can do better on price- and still get a great quality when I do my own research and buy from a retail store.

We discussed hanging pendants from the ceiling on either side of the bed. I really liked the idea of vintage looking seeded glass pendants, Like this or this.  But I began to think about how the electrical source coming from the ceiling would have to hang in front of our beautiful new wall and would cut in front of the beam. So that Idea was scrapped…..although I will find somewhere else in the house to use those pendants!

So then we began looking at Sconces. At first we were thinking of something a bit more traditional, Like this. Classic, functional and Cheap!

But that’s to easy! Of course we went back and forth 10 more times looking at sconces like this, and this, and finally this one from Pottery Barn.

I decided that the PB sconce was the look I wanted….but at $189 a piece!!!! I don’t think so!

I began looking at the big box stores and found a few others that could work…but they were still a bit more than I really wanted to spend. Then I saw a post on Pinterest about using Outdoor Lighting Indoors! Brilliant!

I found just what I needed at Lowes for….wait for it……….$24 each!!!!!!!!!!

This is what we got: The Portfolio Rust Outdoor Wall Light It has the Rusted Bronze finish for that cottage in the country look, and it has the seeded glass to add a nice vintage feel. I can’t wait to get them on the Wall!

One thought on “Light of my life.

  1. Kristy says:

    The fluted mercury pendant is amazing! You better find a place for those, or i’m gonna The $24 lanterns, on the other hand, are sheer brilliance.

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