Drywall and Reclaimed beams

After we ripped down the wall between the Den and the Guest room there were a few other changes that had to be made before we could move forward. For one, the Den was covered in cheap 1970’s paneling on the walls and some concoction of hard foam on the ceiling.  Although it was painted and we didn’t mind it when the room was the “den” now we needed it to match the nice smooth walls in the Guest Bedroom side. So J ripped the Paneling and replaced it with new Drywall.

As you can see, we ripped the molding off from around the doors and window and that will get replaced with matching molding to the other side of the room. When we removed the paneling from above the fireplace, it was obvious that our wood mantle was crooked and warped- so we removed that and will be replacing it with a beautiful reclaimed beam as well as a new framing system above so that we can mount a flat screen TV over the fireplace ( more on that Later).  One day we will also replace that closet door to match all the others. J wants to put a Bamboo curtain there……Not going to happen!

On the other side of the room, we did a couple things. This is what it looked like before:

We will be leaving the single door there, and putting a wall in the hallway so that the space can become a small Closet office- Like this , but with a door on it. The closet next to that has had a major change. We removed the doors, broke through to the bathroom, added a partial wall where the doors used to be and created a small hallway into our En suite bath.

On either side of the opening there will be built in shelves. To the Left side, the shelves will be about 18″ deep, and will be utilized like a linen closet. On the right side, the shelves will only be 5″ deep, and I will use them more for display items since it can be seen from the other side of the room. Do you see that Wood Beam going up the right side of this pic? That’s the wall for my brand new, custom WALK IN CLOSET!

We needed more closet space, because the small one by the fireplace was just not going to cut it. That will be J’s closet and I will get the big one! There is a window back there that lets in a good amount of light, and though the room is large, it’s not cavernous, so we did not want to close it off completely. So, We built a wall that is only 6 feet tall, it will not have a door, just an opening at one end. This will allow light to travel back and forth between the closet and the bedroom. It also allowed us to use these really awesome reclaimed beams that we found just lying around at my parents house! Here is what the wall looked like as J began placing drywall over the framing.

You can see that we used two beams- one that lays across the top of the wall, and the other that goes from floor to ceiling at the end- basically a faux structural element. Our Bed will be placed on this wall facing the fireplace. Here is a floor plan- not to scale.

We have a few more things to complete this week before we begin adding the built in shelves/closet and then begin painting. We have already done some new electrical, more on that later, and We need to fill in the gaps in the hardwood floors from where we removed the walls (wait till you see this- stone tile!!), and we are in the process of covering the popcorn-esque texture on the ceiling in the former Guest room side.

What do you all think??

3 thoughts on “Drywall and Reclaimed beams

  1. ericá says:

    Love this!! Its so fun to read about what you guys are doing. You must be so excited!! And I am super jealous of the walk in closet (: but you deserve it!

  2. Kristy says:

    I can’t wait to see the tile! Looks like you both are having a lot of fun with this, Whit. Can’t wait for the next step.

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